Eyeleds® – Small and Perfectly Formed

Eyeleds® is a patented, easy to install, built-in walk over light innovation. The ultra-slim Eyeleds® range of recessed lighting products has swept the global market with its ease of installation and sleek, ambient look. Lighting designers are increasingly turning to Eyeleds® systems for high-end LED luminaires for both interior and outdoor applications. Based on LED […]

The Rise and Rise of LED Tape

The unremitting increase in demand for LED tape has not surprised anyone here at TLW | The Lightworks – we know what it’s capable of. LED tape offers ultimate flexibility and can provide an effective solution for so many different areas within a residential or commercial property. The correct application of LED tape can totally […]

Light up Your Bathroom

The prevalent lighting products we are currently supplying to the KBB industry are aluminium profile and LED tape. And when I write KBB I do actually mean the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! The sheer flexibility and creativity these products can offer to a home owner is quite wondrous and we see regular photographic evidence of […]

VEW Tailored Solutions

At TLW | The Lightworks we have the ability to service OEM clients with designated warehouse space available for stock holding and call off requirements to help that seamless ‘just in time’ manufacturing process. We have also developed an exceptional bespoke service where we will make up aluminium profile and LED tape to your exact […]

1 Light – 3 VEWs

We are delighted to launch our new colour changing temperature (CCT) LED tape and colour selectable cabinet lighting. Our CCT LED tape features a combination of both warm white and daylight LED chips to allow you to adjust the colour temperature of the light to meet your mood or needs at any given time of […]

Lighting Without Limits

Here at TLW | The Lightworks we are often amazed by the flexibility and creativity of how our LED tapes and profiles can be used throughout the home or place of work. The adaptability of these products is quite staggering and we have seen hundreds of examples of how LED tape has totally transformed the […]

Contemporary Cabinet Lighting from TLW

TLW | The Lightworks’ contemporary range of LED cabinet lighting casts the perfect light throughout the home. Easily light up your client’s food preparation area with the LED wide angled beam or use them as a nice feature within the kitchen or bathroom. Our cabinet lighting is also ideal for studies and other furniture within the home or workplace […]

Have you Considered Pendant Lighting for your Showroom?

The majority of KBB retailers now include cabinet lighting, plinth lighting, LED tape, profile, downlights, etc. as part of their everyday buying process but few have a range of pendant lighting to offer their customers. Many modern day kitchens are quite plain and minimalist and we believe pendants add vibrancy and depth to become a […]

Think Lighting, Think TLW

We’re a very friendly bunch of folk here at TLW | The Lightworks and we like to take a different approach to the way we do our business on a daily basis. Of course we love to sell our lighting products as we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t! However, we’re not just here to take […]